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Top 5 Products to Grow in your new Organic Garden

Top 5 Products to Grow in your new Organic Garden

To start off your organic garden on the best possible footing, it’s important to get the best organic seeds that come from healthy plants that are grown organically with no exposure to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The following are the top 5 organic seeds for use in  your new organic garden:


Sweet Garden Organic Seeds

This is perhaps a little general but if you’re just starting out then these guys are a great place to start. Sweet Garden Organic Seeds have garnered consistent high reviews from numerous farmers and beginner organic gardeners and they over 100 varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs for your organic garden.

Each seed packet contains sufficient seeds for a significant planting area and farmers are generally quite happy and satisfied with the high germination rates. Seeds vary from peas to beans to watermelon to kohlrabi and purple basil. The average market price is $6.


  • High germination rates
  • A wide variety of seeds to choose from

10 Rare Sweet Organic Tamarind Seeds from Thailand by Sweet Garden

Seedsheet Grow your own Garden

Seedsheet kits are seed pouches  are made out of dissolvable weed-blocking fabric that you simply place on top of the potting soil and water. Seedsheet kits take the hassle out of working on your vegetable garden and this is exactly what you want when just starting out. You’re going to want to see results and Seedsheet kits will get them for you.

Seedsheet kits are sized to comfortably fit in a 12” pot or 5 gallon bucket. Full kits also come with water collection saucers, potting soil and fabric planters.

There are a wide variety of kits to choose from such as the Hot Sauce Kit for carrots, onions and peppers; the Cocktail Kit for herbs such as fennel and basil and vegetables such as peas and celery; the Salad Kit that has different types of lettuces plus radish and pea shoots.

Seed kits go for $15 while full kits go for $50.


  • Vegetables and herbs grow in one pot
  • Have a choice between seed kits or full kits

Grow Your Own

Nature’s Blossom Vegetable Growing Kit

This kit is ideal for beginners and includes seeds of five uncommon vegetables such as lemon cucumber, black corn, purple carrot, rainbow chard and romanesco broccoli. The kit also includes an instruction manual, plant markers, peat moss pellets and biodegradable seed starting pots. The price is $27.


  • Interesting varieties of common vegetables
  • Great way to start an organic garden

Nature’s Blossom Rare Vegetable Starter Kit. Complete Starting Set to Grow 5 Unique Veggies from Seed. Contains Organic Seeds, Growing Pots, Peat Soil, Plant Labels & Instructions. Made in the USA


Window Garden Organic Vegetable Grow Kit

Grow kits are specific to individual vegetables for each kit. There are a variety of multiple kits to select such as cucumber, tomato, cherry tomatoes, micro greens, wheatgrass, pepper among others.

Each kit has growing instructions, seeds, fiber soil seed starters and mini greenhouse that make transplanting easy. The price is $10.


  • Wide variety of non-GMO organic kits
  • All you need for seed starting and transplanting

Window Garden Organic Rainbow Vegetable Growing Kit, a Complete Seed Grow Kit, Includes the Space Saving Veg Ledge Suction Cup Window Shelf and Mini Greenhouse. Perfect Garden Gift for All Ages.


Modern Sprout Indoor Herb Garden Kit

This is a container where you grow your herbs, but get this – it’s self watering. There are three herbs you get with different varieties such as Italian inspired herbs or Kitchen herbs. Kits include seeds, growing medium and a wick that draws moisture to the roots. 


  • Easy to use and maintenance free
  • Wide variety of herbs

Modern Sprout Herb Kit




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