Sustainable Seed Survival Heirloom Seed Bag Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds for Long-Term Storage or Instant Garden, 25 Varieties

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25 Heirloom vegetable seed varieties, including:

• Beet-Detroit Dark Red~200 seeds
• Broccoli-Waltham~300 seeds
• Cabbage-Golden Acre~220 seeds
• Carrot-Danvers 126~700 seeds
• Chard-Ruby Red~150 seeds
• Corn-Golden Bantam~55 seeds
• Corn-Yellow Dent~65 seeds
• Cucumber-Straight Eight~30 seeds
• Herb-Basil~200 seeds
• Kale-Dwarf Blue Curled~250 seeds
• Lettuce-Bibb~300 seeds
• Melon-Honey Rock~35 seeds
• Onion-Bunching~300 seeds
• Pea-Garden Shelling~50 seeds
• Pepper-California Wonder Bell~30 seeds
• Pepper-Cayenne Long Red~30 seeds
• Pumpkin-Small Sugar~33 seeds
• Radish-Cherry Belle~470 seeds
• Spinach-Bloomsdale~300 seeds
• Squash-Black Beauty Zucchini~35 seeds
• Squash-Early Prolific Straight~40 seeds
• Squash-Spaghetti~20 seeds
• Tomato-Roma~25 seeds
• Watermelon-Sugar Baby~16 seeds
• Wheat-Hard Red~250 seeds

That’s over 4,000 seeds!* With the right conditions, these seeds will produce over 3,000 pounds of food for your survival and health.

Your seed packets all come sealed for absolute freshness in a convenient, secure, space-saving Mylar package that’s waterproof, resealable, and easy to toss in your go bag or bugout bag. The soft-sided Mylar is much easier to pack than other seed banks that come in hard plastic or metal cans, and is easy to store in your refrigerator or freezer until needed. An included silica gel pack ensures your seeds stay dry to prolong their storage life. Your Bugout Bag seeds will store for at least 5 years if kept in a cool, dry place.

We don’t just sell seed; we are actual farmers of seed, so we can control not only the price, but the quality and freshness, and pass our knowledge and savings on to you.

*All seed counts are approximate based on weight.
25 SUPER easy to grow Heirloom vegetable seed varieties for your Survival Garden
Fresh, just harvested 2017 seed stock with germination rates that exceed Federal minimums. From Sustainable Seed, a trusted USDA Certified Organic seed company owned and operated right here in the USA
Each eco-friendly, compostable seed packet is made from recycled paper and includes detailed planting instructions, and they’re all sealed in a convenient, secure, space-saving Mylar package that’s waterproof, resealable, and easy to toss in your Go Bag or Bugout Bag
Over 4,000 vegetable seeds that can keep for over 5 years in the right conditions, and will produce 3,000 pounds of food for your survival and health, tailor made to be easy growing, high yielding, for an Instant Garden or Emergency Garden













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