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Seed Cultivation Method 1, Seed Treatment First, soak the seeds in the 60 ~ 70 degrees warm water, and kept stirring until the water temperature dropped to 25 degrees or

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Seed Cultivation Method
1, Seed Treatment
First, soak the seeds in the 60 ~ 70 degrees warm water, and kept stirring until the water temperature dropped to 25 degrees or so£¬ to stop
stirring, continue to soak the seeds 2 to 3 hours, remove, hand gently rub, to the seed coat clean and show luster;
Then, rinse clean, wrapped with a few layers wet gauze, placed it under the conditions of 25 ~ 30 degrees,soaked it three times in a day with warm
water (early, afternoon and evening) to keep the seeds moist£»
Finally, after 60 to 70% of the seeds are white, sowing them.
2, Sowing
Before sowing,watering the soil (sieved sandy loam mixed with a part of the finer humus soil, soil depth of about 8-10 inches), keep the soil moist;
After sowing,covered with 0.5 cm fine soil (silt loam or fine sand), covered with plastic film, watering every day;
Keep in 25 degrees temperature, usually sprout after 15 days.
3, Transplant
After the seeds grows 2 leaves,separated in different;
After the seeds grows 4 to 5 leaves,keeping the spacce from the 8 ~ 12inch, large tyle plant, spacing to 12 inches, the plant spacing of
about 18 inches as well, transplanting time in the end of July to August Middle is appropriate;
4, Care
Move the plant into the conservatory, fruited easier;
After the seeds grows 6 leaves, can be the first fertilization;
If it is a small amount of cultivation, try not to use pesticides, you can spraying a large number of dishwashing detergent, you can also put some
melon skin, beer, etc., can lead to pests;
It will fruit in the spring of coming year;
After the fruit period, remove the greenhouse, on the outdoor in winter, strawberry plants have experienced frost, will increasing production in the
coming year.
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Gibberellin: Promote the plants’ germination,flowering and the results, the first use of a little alcohol or a high degree of alcohol to gibberellin dissolve, and then diluted with water to the required concentration (1 g gibberellin to half a cup of water , Disposable paper cups can be), soak seeds 48 hours or after planting continuous spray three times, each time interval of 7 days. (Gibberellin can be purchased in our shop, search ASIN: B01N750LV4)
Nutrient soil: Provided variety of mineral nutrition which the seeds need when the seeds are growing or developing, loose ventilation, water and fertilizer. (Nutrient soil can be purchased in the shop, search ASIN: B01N2GPDVU)
Breeding vermiculite: Can increase the soil ventilation pores and water retention capacity. (Nursery vermiculite can be purchased in the shop, search ASIN: B01MTNDAU5)
Pls Attention:Because the seeds are collected after collection by the supplier , the quantity of the package will be more than the description on our listing.If you can not confirmed the name of seeds,pls check(JH091A–Hybrid Tomato Seeds). (Tips: please refer to the description of the planting method, seed germination time is generally 30 to 50 days)