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Bonsai in your Organic Garden?

Growing Bonsai in your Organic Garden For those who are looking to grow their own bonsai tree for the first time, the amount of info out there can be suffocating. Many guides that you’ll find online assume that you’re only interested in growing bonsai. But what about those of you who just want to dip […]

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Top 5 Products to Grow in your new Organic Garden

Top 5 Products to Grow in your new Organic Garden To start off your organic garden on the best possible footing, it’s important to get the best organic seeds that come from healthy plants that are grown organically with no exposure to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The following are the top 5 organic seeds for […]

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10 Organic Garden Essentials you should have when starting your Garden.

10 Organic Garden Essentials Starting an organic garden may seem like a daunting task but having the right tools makes your job easier. There are an infinite number of tools available but these are 10 of the essential tools that will help you start an organic garden. Hori Hori The Hori Hori is a type […]

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Basics – How to Grow an Organic Garden

Organic Gardening Basics – If you’re interested in growing your very own organic garden then check out the below tips. It can be quite a daunting prospect when first starting out but if you follow some simple suggestions then you’ll certainly be giving yourself a head-start. Prepare the Soil To get the best results from […]

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What are the Advantages of Organic Farming?

When you think of Organic Gardening, you automatically associate it with health benefits. So, is this true and what are these benefits?   Consumer Benefits Nutrition It has been shown that food grown organically has a superior mineral content to food that is grown via other conventional methods. This is mostly down to the soil which […]

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Organic Gardening – What is it and why should we do it?

In short, organic gardening is the process of gardening without using manufactured chemical substances. Okay, that statement is perhaps over-simplifying the process but you get the idea. You do things how nature intended without the influence or introduction of synthetic products. Sounds great, ey? Well, yes – except of course it’s not as easy as […]

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