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10 Organic Garden Essentials you should have when starting your Garden.

10 Organic Garden Essentials

Starting an organic garden may seem like a daunting task but having the right tools makes your job easier. There are an infinite number of tools available but these are 10 of the essential tools that will help you start an organic garden.

Hori Hori

The Hori Hori is a type of Japanese gardening knife that is used primarily for weeding. Typically, it has quite a sharp edge which makes it very easy to either dig up the weeds completely or slice them out. The Hori Hori is a long knife, usually made of stainless steel and has a serrated edge on one side and the other side is a sharp point. The blade is thick with slightly curved edges that allow it to work like a shallow scoop. It’s purpose is simple, to make life easier for you and if you can find a way of doing that then you should do it!

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Hand Pruner

The pruner can also be used as a transplanting and seed planting tool from your seedling tray to the garden making it a multi-functional and versatile gardening hand tool. It also acts as a digging tool as the blade is able to pierce and break up hard soil. The hand pruner is basically used for chopping off stems and branches.

Pruning is an essential gardening activity that involves removing certain parts of the plant that are diseased, damaged or dead to benefit the overall growth and maintenance of the whole plant. Buy quality here, better to get something that will last a few years than buy cheap and replace every season.

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Hand Rake

A garden hand rake is ideal for small organic gardens in borders or beds. Hand rakes are used for turning over and tilling the soil and its small head makes it easy to manipulate around smaller spaces.

Hand rakes are also used for digging into the soil and removing unwanted materials such as weeds and dead leaves. A strong and good quality hand rake can also pull out tougher debris and stones from the beds.

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Seedling Tray

Seedling trays are one of the first steps in starting an organic garden. All plants start from either seeds or seedlings and many of the plants that find their way into an organic garden started from a seedling tray.

Seedling trays are a great way to promote the initial growing of plants in a controlled environment before transplanting them to a larger space. Seedling trays are typically subdivided and one seed can be grown adequately in each hole.

The main reason for using seedling trays is that not all seeds that are planted will germinate, so working with a seed tray helps you to transplant the best seedling to start off your organic garden.

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Digging Fork

A digging fork is typically a fork that has four to six tines that are flat with no curves. Its main purpose in organic gardening is digging into the soil bed or loosening the soil surface before using a spade.

The ideal digging fork is one where the tines are made of steel while the handle and shaft are made of wood or fiberglass to make it lightweight. Digging forks come in different shaft lengths and different handles.

Digging forks are typically used to dig up plants that have tough root structures and are ideal for transplanting plants or removing tough weeds. The tines of a digging fork help to loosen up the soil structure without causing much damage to the root structures.

Spear & Jackson 4550DF Traditional Stainless Steel Digging Fork


Watering Can

Your organic garden will certainly need water and there are different watering tools to facilitate this. The water hose is one of the most commonly used watering tools that helps to deliver water from a source that is far away easily.

The garden hand sprayer is ideal for watering small plants or plants that are indoors that require only small amounts of water. This can also be used as a liquid treatment sprayer to spray organic products such as neem oil to control pests.

 The watering can is one of the most common gardening tools known and the sprout of the can helps to keep it balanced as your water your organic garden. Loose dirt and little deposits of soil can also be cleaned away in addition to irrigating the plants.

A water wand, on the other hand, is a wand-like tool that is attached to a hose near the handle and water flows through the wand to a sprinkler head that irrigates plant in a rain-like shower format. Water wands are ideal for fragile seedlings and new growth as the strong force of the water would normally damage the fragile plants.

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Gardening Hat

A gardening hat is one of the essential sun protection tools for you as you work on your organic garden during those long summer days. Being out in the sun as you garden exposes parts of your body such as the back of your neck and your face to harmful UV rays. It is therefore important to get a garden hat with a wide brim and neck protection to protect you from sun damage.

L&M Sun Hat Headwear Extreme Condition – UPF 45+

Gardening gloves

Gardening gloves are made up of different materials such as leather, cotton and rubber and keep an eye out for gloves with a bamboo liner. The ideal glove for a beginner starting an organic garden are one which is lightweight but don’t scrimp on the price, if you do they’ll have a hole or two in them in a couple of weeks!

Gardening gloves help to protect your hands from cuts, splinters and nail damage and prevent soil-borne and bacterial infections.

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Knee pads

 Knee pads act as shock absorbers for your knees against the hard ground and are designed (as you may guess) to protect your knees! They’d look pretty silly on your ears anyway. There are two types of knee pads; one that is attached your knees and the other you place on the ground and kneel on. Knee pads make it ideal for you to work on your organic garden without wrecking your knees.

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These are ideal for planning your organic garden with a limited space. Planters enable you to cultivate your vegetables and flowers in containers anywhere. It makes it easy to move plants according to their need for sunlight. There are also self-watering planters that enable you to go on vacation and leave your plants without water for a week.

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I hope these suggestions have been of some help, happy organic gardening!

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